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20-08-2013, 21:09

The Championship will be outstanding!

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The Championship will be outstanding!

Kyokushin World Union has shown its power, not only in quantity but also in quality during preparation to the World Championship that will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 4-6.


Today we have applications from 293 top class fighters from 50 countries! Many of them are World, Europe or national Champions in their federations but who are actually the Champions among all federations? KWU World Championship will answer this question. Besides fighters from our co-founding federations KI KyokushinKan, IFK and KWF, we also have participants from IBK Budokai, Matsushima Group and All-Japan Union.


This Championship will be spectacular and prestigious and will show the World that Kyokushin is getting stronger when it is getting united.


Do not miss it! There will be internet translation and also, everybody is welcome free of charge to visit the Armeec Arena.